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Helpline Mauritius

Child Helpline Mauritius is a free, anonymous and confidential online counselling service for children and young persons. The counselling sessions take the form of Chat (one-to-one), Email and phone.

Cases concerned with juvenile justice or that require legal interventions are dealt by Defence for Children International-Mauritius. DCI Mauritius is an entity comprising, among others, lawyers and barristers.

Helpline Mauritius is a Halley Movement project.

Online Counselling

This online counselling service provides support and prevents young people to reach the point of crisis. The service provides point of contact point where children can turn to when they need help.

Online Counselling service for children will provide children in Mauritius and Rodrigues access to information and counselling. This innovative type of help, far from the traditional advice, will be easily accessible to children. Counsellors have been trained on various topics affecting children in their everyday life.

Email counselling

Email Counselling allows the child to send an email from Helpline Mauritius website using the online form.

You can write about anything and in any way that suits you. The email you sent to us will be your opportunity to tell your concerns, feelings and why you are feeling uncomfortable.

Chat Counselling

Chat Counselling allows the child to ask questions and receive answers instantaneously in the form of a typed conversation from Helpline Mauritius website.

Child Helpline Mauritius policy is to operate a one-to-one chat. The chat sessions will be conducted by trained counsellors.

Phone counselling

Phone Counselling enables a child to dial the Helpline number 214 2451 and talk to a counsellor on the telephone.

This service allows the caller to share his problems and to re-assure the caller that he is not alone to manage the crisis situation he is going through.

The Online Service is Free, Anonymous and Confidential

A free online counselling service for children and youth

As a child we know you are faced with new situations every day. Some are easy for you to handle whereas others require guidance. We are also aware that making the right decisions and talking to the right person is absolutely important.

We recognised you need your own space to reflect and reorganise things happening in your life.

When changes happen together in clusters, the result may be emotionally overloaded. Child Helpline Mauritius online counselling services can help you cope with difficult day to day situations that are affecting many children and young people today.

Our counsellors are here waiting to talk to you using chat, email or phone. You do not need to feel lonely or helpless. We are here to provide guidance that will put your life back on track, regain confidence and improve self esteem.

Don’t delay, talk to us today.

Free, Confidential & Anonymous

As soon as you contact Child Helpline Mauritius, you will be treated in a confidential manner.

This service is meant to give you the opportunity to speak in confidence with a person outside your current circle of trust.

This counselling service is free, confidential and anonymous.

General Inquiry

If you need our counselling services kinldy visit the email, chat and phone counselling pages.

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    If you want to join us or volunteer with Helpline Mauritius or require general information please contact us using the online form.

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    Halley Movement
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    Phone: +230 677 0451
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    E-mail: info@helplinemauritius.org

    The national lockdown has been extended again upto 30th April 2021 due to an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases. Helpline Mauritius will continue to provide its services to the general public in providing information and counselling. Our telephone, live chat and email services are operational as usual.